Thursday, February 2, 2012

Growing Tropical Plants in Perth, Western Australia

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. The city is not as big or as populated as other bigger Australia cities like Sydney or Melbourne. But Perth is a wonderful and less hectic city to live in.

Perth is lucky to have a sub-tropical climate or Mediterranean climate. Due to this climate, a lot of tropical plants and trees are able to adapt and grow here successfully.

Perth is located along Swan River
Asians from various countries have brought in tropical vegetables, tropical herbs and tropical fruit trees when they came to settle in Australia. They brought these plants as they need them to cook food which are culturally specific to their home country. Over time, these tropical plants and trees became more widely accepted and used by Australians.

Bananas are a huge favorite in Australia. Bananas are usually grown commercially in the northern part of Australia. In Perth, it is also common to find bananas growing and fruiting in someones backyard.

Asians use a lot of curry leaves for flavoring in their cooking. Curry leaves have also made it's way to many households in Perth. They are commonly planted in pots and grows very well in Perth.

Generally, Australians are not very keen on very spicy food. But Asians in Perth love spicy food and they plant red chilies in their garden to add spiciness to their cooking.

If you love mangoes, they are grown in Australia as well. Mangoes are also grown commercially, so you will see a lot of Australian mangoes in supermarkets. You will also find that a number of people in Perth plant mango trees in their garden.

There are other common fruits in Asian like papaya, guava, jackfruit, wax jambu (jambu air), soursop, longan, mangosteen, sapodilla (chiku) and many more grown in Australia. You can also find many tropical Asian vegetables sold fresh in the markets. If all these plants and fruits can be grown commercially here, you should be able to grow them in your own garden in Perth, Western Australia too!


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